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Protective Coatings Perth

Why should you seal your pavers, limestone or decorative concrete?

To maintain the appearance and value of your property.

To ensure that your pavers, limestone and concrete will be easy to clean.

To protect against tough stains.

Sealant acts as a water repellent coating around swimming pools and inhibits corrosion from salt or chlorine damage.

Up to 7 years of protection.

Paving, limestone and pool surround cleaning

Hire Pressure will restore paving and pool surrounds and clean them back to new. Our experienced staff members use specialised high pressure cleaning methods to wash down your paved surfaces and break through stubborn stains. Once we have restored your paving, limestone and pool surrounds to new, we can also offer our specialised coating services to ensure your surface is protected.

What Hire Pressure can do for you?

Hire Pressure staff use high quality paving and concrete sealant. Our sealant helps maintain the beauty of your concrete and pavement, and protects it from oil, grease and food stains.Hire Pressure uses a specially formulated deep penetrating sealer, which enhances the look of paving and concrete and protects from unsightly stains. Our sealant service provides an impenetrable seal, allowing oil, grease, dirt and food to sit on the surface and be easily wiped away.

When is the best time to seal your concrete, limestone and pavers?

It is essential to seal concrete and pavers when they are new. After investing in quality pavement and concrete, coating them immediately with Hire Pressure’s paving and concrete sealer will protect them from stains and maintain their beauty and new quality.



Coating and Sealant Perth
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